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Let’s talk selecting a venue and interviewing a venue coordinator.



We, as wedding planners, can help shop for venues and review contracts. It is important to understand what you are (and are not!) promised by the venue.

We have created a checklist to help you interview a venue coordinator. Include your wedding planner in the initial meeting. This step is crucial to establish clear expectations with the venue. Encourage the venue coordinator to work collaboratively with the entire wedding team.


  • Is the venue available for my preferred wedding date?

  • Does the venue have enough capacity for our guest count?

  • What wedding packages do you offer?

  • What is the payment process?

  • Do you offer discounts for any dates or seasons (weeknights or off-season)?

  • Do you have parking for the guests?

  • What catering services do you provide?

  • Can we use separate catering vendors?

  • How does an alcohol or bar package work?

  • Can the venue host both my ceremony and the reception?

  • Is there a private space for the couple and wedding party to get ready?

  • Do you have a preferred list of vendors? When was the last time the list was updated? Do vendors pay a fee to be on the list? Have you personally worked with these vendors?

  • Who is my main point of contact?

  • Who will help us during the actual event?

  • Can you work collaboratively with my wedding planner and vendors?

  • What is the plan for inclement weather?

  • Do you allow a DJ or live band?

  • Does the venue have heating or air conditioning? What are the options for temperature control outside?

  • What is the restroom situation?

  • Is it wheelchair accessible?

  • How long will my vendors have to set up and take down?

  • How early can we arrive at the venue?

  • Are there any other events scheduled at the same time?

  • Can you show me some sample work and set up options?

  • Does the venue provide chairs, dining tables, linens, etc.?

  • Can I see a copy of the contract?

  • How do you handle cancellations?

Ask any questions specific to your wedding plans (e.g. “Can my dog be included in the wedding party?” or “Can we have a taco food truck?”)

During your site visits, we recommend having a notebook, planner, or even just the notes app on your phone. Jot down any additional questions that arise and the answers.

Our tip is to get everything in writing in your final contract. Do not put down a deposit until you have every question clarified.

It can be overwhelming to shop for a venue. We are here to help you!

Wedding Venue Interview
Download PDF • 1.22MB

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