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Let's Talk LGBTQ+ Weddings!

Photo credit: Taylor Cohen Photography

This is a great way for the Let’s Talk Eventz team to celebrate Pride month!

Our advice for planning an LGBTQ+ wedding is the same as our advice to any couple:

Communication is key!

It’s important to communicate your wedding expectations and vision to help others support and celebrate you in meaningful ways.

The best (and funnest!) place to start is conversations with your partner.

Just start dreaming out loud together. What do you want your wedding to look like?

The wedding industry is filled with many heterocentric traditions. Some you might reinvent, others you might totally discard. Discuss the details to personalize your day.

It’s your wedding and you get creative freedom!

Here’s five conversation topics to help you start planning your big day. In each category, we share LGBTQ+ wedding ideas, planning tips, inspiration, and questions to consider.


That traditional, one-sided proposal, when the groom asks the bride’s father for permission before getting down on one knee, might not apply here! Listen to your partner. Express your desires for this special occasion.

We have seen some beautiful joint proposals. Each individual takes a moment to propose, whether or not it’s on a knee.

Will you have rings to symbolize this commitment, or possibly a different object?

Don’t forget, you won’t regret documenting your special proposal with pictures or video!


If you’re engaged, congratulations! Now it’s time to start considering wedding attire.

There is technically no dress code for weddings. It doesn’t have to be one suit and one dress (unless that’s what you want.) Wear whatever makes you feel fabulous and confident!

How about two suits in complementary colors, pocket squares, and ties, with coordinating boutonnieres?

We’ve seen two stunning, unique gowns and bouquets.

It’s completely up to you!

Do you want something colorful, or do you prefer neutrals? Let your wedding outfit be a creative expression, but don’t forget to prioritize comfort!


Often it’s your close friends and family who help you say, “yes to the dress.” The wedding party should support you from start to finish.

Don’t feel confined to heteronormative traditions for bridesmaids and groomsmen. The only thing that matters is having your closest people there to celebrate.

Here’s some gender neutral name ideas for your wedding party:

  • bridesmates

  • groomsmaids

  • mates of honor

  • I do crew

  • wedding party

Define the roles in your group, and assign people to help.

We recommend communicating your expectations before you invite someone to join your wedding party:

Is this person expected to attend wedding outfit fittings, address invitations, plan bachelor/bachelorette parties, and greet guests?

Or is this person just included in pictures on the wedding day?

Or maybe something in between?

Discussing your expectations in advance will help you create a happy, helpful wedding party.


Photo credit: Taylor Cohen Photography

From the walk down the aisle to the officiant, your wedding ceremony should highlight your unique relationship.

Traditional weddings have the bride walk down the aisle with her father, who gives her away to the groom. Let’s reinvent traditions that support your relationships and dynamic!

Will each partner be escorted down the aisle by a loved one? It could be your father, mother, aunt, uncle, sibling, or best friend.

We have seen some incredibly romantic ceremonies where the couple walks down the aisle together! Such a picture-worthy moment.

Another option is to scrap the aisle altogether. Stand at the front and have guests enter after you, or have a ceremony circle.

Choose an inclusive officiant who can masterfully weave your love story into the ceremony.


There is a fascinating history behind the maiden name vs. married name. This tradition calls for the bride to take the groom’s last name. Between LGBTQ+ weddings, and the painful administrative task to file a name change, the future of this tradition remains to be seen.

But it’s still worth a conversation! Will you leave your current last names, hyphenate, choose one, or combine parts from each surname to create something totally new?

Phew! There’s so much to chat about as you plan your wedding. Remember, there are no wrong answers. Don’t feel pressured to uphold any tradition that doesn’t reflect your values.

Communicate with your wedding planner! Wedding planners can be your biggest ally, helping you prioritize your goals and execute your vision.

The Let’s Talk Eventz team believes love is love. We welcome anyone and everyone, exactly as they are. Happy Pride month!

Stay tuned for our next post, highlighting vendors who value inclusivity and showcase diversity in their portfolios!

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