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Let’s Talk Destination Weddings

What are your wildest dreams?

Imagine exchanging vows on a white sand beach, surrounded by palm trees and crystal Caribbean waves, with a stunning sunset as a backdrop.

Picture an intimate ceremony, surrounded by your closest people, in the beautiful and serene European countryside.

Choose a unique, meaningful destination in your home state or country, then return each anniversary.

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Destination weddings include any location not in the couple’s hometown. This requires travel and hotel or lodging accommodations for the couple, wedding party, and guests.

Destination weddings are often held abroad, but domestic destination weddings are gaining popularity! Couples can choose a scenic, significant location in their home state or country. There are so many amazing wedding venues throughout the United States. Additionally, domestic destinations simplify travel and marriage licensing.

Although a destination wedding might at first seem unrealistic and unaffordable, don’t be overwhelmed or intimidated! We are here to help you create your wedding vision in your dream location.

Let’s discuss three key elements involved in planning and executing a destination wedding: cost, planning, and travel.


It might surprise you that a destination wedding can actually be budget friendly! Some even argue that they are more affordable. Here are some important things to consider:

  • Destination weddings typically have an intimate guest list, due to the travel and expense. Less guests cut down costs for catering, chairs, tables, venue size, and more.

  • Highly populated areas have more vendor competition and higher rates. Services might cost less, or even be included, at some destinations. Resorts, venues, hotels, and even airlines often offer reduced group pricing.

  • Celebrate the honeymoon at the same location as the ceremony to save on travel expenses. Two for one!

Hire a wedding planner to get accurate estimates for your dream destination wedding location!


A wedding planner is an absolute necessity for a destination wedding! It can be daunting to plan (and execute!) an event in a location with different laws, accommodations, and travel logistics. A wedding planner is a knowledgeable advocate, providing resources and support throughout the entire process.

There are two ways to hire a destination wedding planner:

  • Select a destination planner from your own area. This planner can clearly understand your vision and champion your goals. Communication with your destination planner will be convenient, without language or cultural barriers. Look for a dedicated planner with the experience and ability to coordinate every detail from a distance.

  • Hire a local planner from the wedding destination. Local planners should have a network and connections to local vendors in the area. They likely speak the language, but there might be a language barrier between you and the planner. If there is a significant time difference, this could limit your access to your planner.

Keep in mind it might require more time to plan a destination wedding. Work with your planner to determine a realistic timeline, and schedule more time when possible.

Wedding planners, and other vendors like photographers, usually expect the couple to cover their travel expenses. This is important to discuss and include in the budget.

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There is something special about celebrating your love story at a memorable destination.

Give everyone invited adequate time to plan for your wedding, shop for airfare, and book lodging. Communicate openly with your friends and family. Some individuals might not have the time, money, or health to travel. Find another meaningful way to celebrate, such as including guests virtually, sharing pictures and videography, or throwing a bridal shower in your hometown.

Destination weddings are a vacation for your guests! Typically they should cover the cost for airfare and accommodations. Depending on your location, the expenses could range from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. But just like any trip, many look forward to getting away. All inclusive resorts help with the cost of food and activities, but don’t allow for the flexibility some might prefer.

The Let’s Talk Eventz team is passionate about travel! We want to make your dream destination wedding a reality. Book a call and let’s talk about your vision, priorities, location, and budget.

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