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About Morgan

CEO and Lead Coordinator

My name is Morgan Heywood and I am the founder and CEO of Let’s Talk Eventz. I love all things eventz from planning, coordinating, designing and executing. I have always been interested in eventz but it took me many years to realize it. After working for many years as a medical biller and jumping from job to job, I decided to take some time off to figure out what I really enjoyed. A few months later, I planned a combined birthday party for my Mom and Sister and the second that event was over, I knew that planning eventz was my thing! I remembered how important celebrating life eventz and weddings were to me and I knew this was what I wanted to do! For years, I have planned and designed many eventz for my customers. I am excited to help you plan your big day so you can enjoy it to the fullest without the stress!

I am 29 years old and originally from Utah. I currently live in Arizona with my best friend and husband, Spencer. I dream of planning eventz all over the world!

Some of my favorite things are spending time with family, sweet tea and traveling (especially to Disney parks). I love to bake, listen to music, play board games, and watch my favorite movies including I Love Lucy and Father of the Bride! 

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How it started 

My love for weddings began when I was 8 years old. My oldest brother got married and it was one of the most exciting days I had ever experienced! I found myself years later wanting to constantly watch their wedding video. Watching them get married made me excited for my own wedding day! Planning my own wedding was a lot of work but I loved the entire process! It was the perfect day. 

As an adult I had gone through multiple job changes, I found myself very unhappy in my work life. I didn't love what I was doing and I wasn't in a good spot. My husband got a new job that allowed me to leave my day job. This gave me the freedom and opportunity to find my passion. 

In October of 2018 my Mom and sister decided to have a combined birthday party and they asked me to plan it. I dove right in and planned every little detail. I created the invitations, slideshows, found the venue, planned the decor, etc! I loved every single part of the planning and when it was all over I thought to myself, I could do this! That is when Let's Talk Eventz was born. I was reminded of how much I love weddings, birthdays, holidays, etc. and the excitement of planning my own wedding and I knew that this is what I always wanted to do.


I do what I do to make people happy. Life is hard and we all want to celebrate the good things. With all the craziness of life we forget how precious and important each and every day of our lives is and how amazing it is that we are here today. That deserves to be celebrated. Each person deserves to be celebrated. Life should be celebrated. 


I'm so excited to talk with you! Contact me today to start planning.

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